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Pennsylvania born visual artist living in Brooklyn, NY, Mark Himler is a lifetime filmmaker that has works mostly in the comedic and thriller genres, often blending the two into a unique form of black comedy that is quick to evoke both uneasy laughter and gasps of horror from audiences. 

As a director, he prides himself on his creation of human characters and immersive environments, allowing his stories to wander from reality while assuring audiences that the actions unfolding in front of them are indeed very real.

His work as a cinematographer is much more diverse. Ranging from subversive comedy with director Grant Sponable, to more experimental "new age spiritualism" alongside director Lindsay McAleavy, as well as more atmospheric, emotionally-driven coming of age films with director Austin Johnson.

Mark's experience doesn't end at fiction though, he has worked in documentary on personal projects as well as alongside CINQUA documentary agency's founder John Carluccio, who Mark spent a summer working with making character pieces for small boutiques in Dumbo, NBA D-League try outs, and much more.

Mark has been making films and working in production his whole life, a pursuit he doesn't hesitate to consider an addiction. "It's what I do, film has always been my top priority because it is far and above the most rewarding experience in my life. Even the bad days, they're learning experiences and really a nightmare shoot is still a thousand times better than anything else I could be doing with my time." Mark considers his upbringing, as the youngest of three to a pair of pharmacists, a huge part of his character. "I'm a creative type by nature, but I was raised in a household that was firmly grounded in a scientific thought process. That's not to say my parents are anti-art, they definitely have an appreciation for it, but not the drive to create. It's that drive, that need to make something that I have, and having been raised in a detail and process oriented environment that I was, makes me a real unique filmmaker and artist." 

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Pennsylvania born visual artist living in Brooklyn, NY, Mark Himler is a graduate of Pratt Institute and a lifelong filmmaker. His experience behind the camera extends from live broadcasting to fiction film, reality television to commercial work and experimental video.

As a Director of Photography and Camera Operator, Mark's background in painting is a guiding factor in how he approaches visuals in regards to color and light. Both in designed production environments and in on the fly situations, he can find and create dynamic images.

Mark is a Steadicam Owner/Operator who started operating in college and has been operating since 2015. Currently flying a Steadicam Zephyr system. To rent the Steadicam kit or to hire Mark as an operator, contact Mark directly.